Rotiform Forged Monoblock BLQ

05/07/2012 19:00
Guys, i made a New Wheel in Google Sketchup, it's a Rotiform Forged Monoblock BLQ, you can see it at " DOWNLOAD " section here in webpage, and when you download the Wheel, you have a Bonus!   It's a new 3D tire i also made in Google Sketchup it's a Yokohama AO48.

RV - Journey Closed

03/07/2012 00:58
Project Closed!

New Download Added

24/06/2012 17:13
You have now for Download: Domo Kun; JDM Logo; HQ Steel Rim; Enjoy ;)

Website launched

03/06/2012 15:08
This page as been created in 03-06-2012
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