Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Project Reality


Hello Guys.


Yes, the big day it's here, the day when Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas project reality it's Lauced.


What Is this GTA SA?!

--> This GTA, is a mod of the normal GTA SA, with modified cars, new Graphics, and etc...

This mod has been developed by me ( [F]izzZ* ), and i make it, because the other GTA SA Mods, have all a lot of bugs.


This mod will be able for download in with v1.0 and v1.1: 11-07-2012, and soon, it will be a new Version of it.


Pay attention, and give me your Ideas :)


Car List:

Find the cars for yourself :)


What's New on V1.2?!


In this new Version, i add some cool mods, i made. I add mine own ENB Series Version, i make some cool Shadows, with GTA IV to GTA SA, and also, Water from GTA IV.

I fix some car Bugs, and now, it looks Great :)


DONWNLOAD V1.2 <<<--- New One 





PS: Pls, report Bugs, and help me to new Version.

You can do that adding my e-mail wich is " ", or you can see it in Contact ...

Almos, this mod isn't compatible with SA-MP :(




Date: 13/07/2012

By: meho

Subject: andre

maby car tuning events mod

Date: 14/07/2012

By: [F]izzZ*

Subject: Re: andre

Yeah, it's a good idea, but, for that, i need to creat a new map, and make a Cleo 3/4 for that...

But i will never forger that Idea..

Date: 13/07/2012

By: [F]izzZ*

Subject: Version's

Guys, i remove the v1.0 - v1.1 Links, because new Version.

V1.2, wich is already for Download.

Pls, give me your Ideas, and help me doing this Better :)

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